Puppy Training & Socialisation

Did you know you can start puppy training and socialisation as soon as
your puppy has had its first vaccinations?

It is important to start training and building a relationship with your puppy from an early age.

Cute black puppy being heldOur four week course is designed to help you do this.   We will teach you how to teach your puppy!

We will cover key behaviours to ensure your dog understands what he is learning and to prevent problem behaviours from arising.

Training should be fun and our courses will ensure you have fun with your pup whilst achieving lots using positive training methods.

Socialising your puppy with different people and dogs is crucial to their development and our courses are designed to allow this to happen in an indoor, safe and controlled environment.

Our puppy course is limited to six pups so that everyone can get the most out of the course.  This allows our instructors to work as a group and individually with people and helps to ensure that during socializing and free play session pups do not get worried or over fazed.

Active Paws is a Kennel Club Listed Club and our puppy course incorporates the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Award.

Puppy training classes are held on Monday evenings at the Pinewood Complex near Crowthorne and the four week course is £60.

Contact us to book your place now.